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We Believe That:

  • Pain medication does not fix the cause of the pain
  • Where you feel the pain is never the source of the pain
  • Chronic pain cannot exist in a calibrated body
  • Every muscle has an “on/off switch” in the brain
  • 50% of a person’s chronic pain is attributed to insufficient oxygen to the brain
  • Observing a person’s walk reveals chronic pain sources and severity
  • Only 30% of our muscles are actually activated
  • Stress is a root cause to most of the problems we have

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Client Success Stories

Healing Chronic Knee Pain - Arthritic Knee

Leah tells how the Rubenstein Center healed her arthritic knee pain using Kinetic Sequencing™ and the Rubenstein Method™

Healing Chronic Shoulder and Upper Back Pain

Peter shares his story of how the Rubenstein Center for Pain-Free living got rid of his chronic shoulder pain and allowed him to sleep through the night again.

Healing Chronic Back Pain

Vivian talks about sleeping better and getting rid of her depressed state of mind after treatment.

Client Testimonials


“David’s work was one of the reasons I won the 2008 Olympic Bronze Medal finishing with a new personal best in the 400M hurdles of 53.84. I floated around the Track in that race. My prior personal best of 56.42 seconds was set in 2007. This equates to a 2.58 second reduction in time or 4.58% improvement! Thank you, David!”

Tasha Danvers – 2008 Bronze Medalist TRACK & FIELD

Jacqueline Cole is a middle-distance freestyle swimmer (ranked in the top 10 in her age group) and coach of a Masters Swim Team (the Long Beach Grunions). Jacquie received four NC treatments over a three-week span. Prior to treatment, her best time in the 100m freestyle (50m pool) had stabilized at 1:22. By the fourth treatment, she reduced her time to 1:14, an almost 10% improvement!

Jacquie says, “As you can see, the swim times are really dramatic. Over the course of this 3-week period since I started getting calibrated, I’ve dropped about 8 seconds off my 100m free time, and I reduced the number of strokes per 50m length from 50-70 to 35-44. Even on my fastest 100 at 1:14, I only took 44 strokes. That is a miracle for me! I never would have believed that I could get that level of efficiency at that speed. Months later I received more treatments and dropped my 100 meter time to 1:08 – that’s 12% on my time and 15% improvement in stroke efficiency.”

Jacquie also had been suffering from a five-year old injury that was developing an early plantar fasciitis condition, which had not been helped by treatment from physicians, chiropractors or podiatrists. After the first treatment, she was able to eliminate the wearing of orthotics.

Jacqueline Cole – SWIMMING

“My team of seven golfers won the National Conference Championship just two months after they completed David’s Calibration Program in 2009. We were ranked 49th in the nation at the time and had never won the National’s in its 49 year history. Two months after the National’s we won the last tournament of the season also. It is my opinion that the Calibration Program caused a level of player concentration that simply was the key to our victory. Thank you, David!”

Coach Sue Ewart – Golf Coach, LBSU – GOLF

Focus and concentration is as critical as physical performance in every sport. Professional Pitching Coach Tim Leary, comments that “after just one session I could see visible changes in J .H.’s physical performance including pitch velocity increases, high-quality strikes and repeatability. However, the most important change was in his focus and concentration. The increase in focus and concentration is amazing, beyond anything I’ve seen in baseball coaching and training.”
Another pitcher C.K. plagued by injuries and pain had similar improvements increasing pitch velocity by 15% or 8 mph, going from 58 to 66mph in just five sessions. He also eliminated shoe orthotics, body pain and dramatically improved recovery in pitching rotations reporting no soreness after each subsequent game.

Tim Leary, 1988 LA Dodgers Champion – BASEBALL

“David released agility I didn’t know I could attain. My mental game is simply superior now over anything I’ve experienced except as a brief moment. Now I have awareness on and off the court that has transformed me as a player and as a person. Thanks David!


Doctor Testimonials

"I have had the privilege of working with Dr. Rubenstein and utilizing his techniques for early rehabilitation of musculoskeletal problems. It has been my clinical experience that his techniques have accelerated the healing process and brought about markedly improved clinical outcomes.

I strongly endorse his techniques. His techniques of neuromuscular reconditioning are now being integrated into my practice because of their superior results and positive patient outcomes.”

Perry Secor, MD, QME, Diplomate of the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

Fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons

Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

“Dr. Rubenstein consistently demonstrates unusually precise and unique insights in the clinical environment leading to patient relief often based on the assessment techniques he developed which are ahead of their time. I have worked side-by-side with Dr. Rubenstein for three years and I believe he is leading the future in understanding the bigger picture of how complex relationships of different body regions affect other areas.

His work on Brain-Body Calibration is worthy of Nobel Prize nomination because it’s insights create a watershed of benefits medically, scientifically and in athletics. His insightfulness is a brilliant combination of patient relief and education for the other doctors on my staff.”

Joe Schames, DMD, Director Craniofacial Pain Clinic, White Memorial Medical Center

""David is a true scientist in every sense of the word. He has a most remarkable ability to observe with curiosity and imagination in great detail. He has a methodical and patient approach to addressing his client's needs and making connections based on his broad knowledge of human physiology and anatomy. It is this unique blend of rare qualities that has led him to develop a most amazing system of "hands on therapy" ….Brain-Body Calibration."

Michael D. Berry, DC

“This is a letter of endorsement for David L. Rubenstein, PhD and his Brain-Body Calibration. I have witnessed the benefits of his work on a first hand basis as it helped me with pain and weakness.”


Chief Medical Officer, Founder, Advanced Medical Science, (AMS) LLC

Articles Published by Dr. Rubenstein

Practical Pain Management

BRAIN-BODY CALIBRATION A Neuro-Geometric Basis for Pain Management. An article in Practical Pain Management journal.

PPM Craniofacial

Dr. Rubenstein’s article on plantar toe flexion and the kinetic chain is very interesting and offers an insight that may play a clinical role in diagnosis of TMJ and facial pain of kinetic postural and muscular origin.

Healing Chronic Pain with the Rubenstein Method

Introductory Brochure on Healing Chronic Pain and The 9 Governing Principles of the Rubenstein Method.